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Chapter History

The establishment of a collegiate chapter in Utah has been a long-time dream and vision of Ogden Alumnae member, Kathleen Spencer Christy.  After receiving training and getting approval to start the process, Soror Christy with the assistance of Ogden Alumnae made an application for the chapter. She began to educate young African American female students at Weber State, the University of Utah, and Utah State University campuses about Black Greek Organizations. 


At the 1993 Farwest Regional Conference in Orange County, California, three collegiates were initiated, Cori Coleman, Tabitha Rutledge, and Lorraine Pea, and thus began the foundation for the collegiate chapter. As members at large, these three sorority members helped to educate and invite more young ladies into the sorority so that by the 1995 Farwest Regional Conference in Salt Lake City, two more collegiates were initiated. Cai White and Michelle Du Pree.

With a core group of 5 collegiates on the 3 university campuses, by 1996, five more young ladies became interested in pledging Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Three from Utah State: Barbara Herring, Nikkara Ezell, and Donna Antoine, and two from the University of Utah: Lakissha Robinson and Nita Lee. The original three initiates had already graduated from college, so the remaining 7 became the charter members of Sigma Omicron which was chartered on April 20th, 1996 in Salt Lake City Utah. Lakissha Robinson became the first president of the chapter. With a subsequent interest in the sorority, the charter was expanded to accept members from BYU, Westminster, the University of Phoenix, and Park University.


“Peaches” Brenda McKing was the second president, Carolyn Davis was the third president and Sandra Hollins became the fourth president of the chapter. The chapter was inactive from 2000 to 2006 but was reactivated in 2006 with Aminatu Yusef as the fifth president, followed by Sara Porter, sixth, Kandyce Outlaw, as the seventh, Nedra Hotchkins, as the eighth, Jennifer Wyllie, as the ninth, Barbara Kufiadan, the tenth, Elon Darthard, eleventh and Nia Brooks the twelfth.

In November of 2021, the Sigma Omicron Chapter’s charter was updated to reflect the five following universities: the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Utah State University, Brigham Young University, and Weber State University.


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